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Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi Love

Topic: Anime > Yaoi and Bishonen
Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi LoveA Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi webring for Yu-Gi-Oh fans who like yaoi. Our sites have everything you could want, fanfictions, picture galleries, fan art and much more!


For example: Nuit De Yaoi - Slash/Yaoi/Shonen-ai site archiving Akemi's fanfiction. Includes Yugioh, Harry Potter, Gundam Wing, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, and more

see Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi Love sites at WebRing
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Nuit De Yaoi 1 review(s)
Slash/Yaoi/Shonen-ai site archiving Akemi's fanfiction.

Eve's Yugioh World
My fansite for Yugioh the original series.

Madame Ruby's Yu-Gi-Oh! Yaoi Haven 2 review(s)
A site devoted entirely to Yugioh shounen-ai and yaoi fanfics, fanart, etc.

YuGiOh Yaoi Realm 8 review(s)
This is a site dedicated to all of the lovely yaoi couples of YuGiOh.

Eclipse 1 review(s)
Fanlisting dedicated to Yugi Mutou and Yami no Bakura!

Sea of Darkness 1 review(s)
A fansite dedicated to Seto/Yami! ^_^ Has original fanart, fanfics, doujinshi and manga scans/hints, and other fun stuff! Dedicated to all fans of the Seto/Yami pairing!! Warnings: Plentiful Yaoi & Shounen-ai ***URL CHANGED 10/21/04***

Romanchikku Koigokoro
This is a fan-site dedicated to the couple that is Judai Yuki and Johan Anderson, also known as Spiritshipping.

Yugi Ho 1 review(s)
me gusta la serie

Dueling Hearts 2 review(s)
A Yu-Gi-Oh site made with adult fans in mind.

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