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Squirrel Dogs

Topic: Recreation & Sports > Outdoors
Squirrel DogsSquirrel dog web ring is setup to link together all the sites on the internet dealing with squirrel hunting with dogs. We have sites with Training Tips, Photo's, Chat rooms, Dog care information, Breeders and anything else you may need to squirrel hunt with dogs. This webring maintains a 100% Uniqueness Rating. Therefore single membership of this webring is preferred.
For example: Greytail feist squirrel dogs - This is a site for my Mountain Feist squirrel dogs past and present. I have hunts of family and friends on the site.

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Greytail feist squirrel dogs 3 review(s)
This is a site for my Mountain Feist squirrel dogs past and present.

Lone Star Squirrel Dog Association
We are a squirrel dog club in East Texas that holds NKC sanctioned competition squirrel hunts.

jrgreers home page
major is my walker dog,very good on strike and hard on tree,i have one pup out of redman and a female canadian cur that i hope to make a good cross out of,good hunting and fishing pictures for all to look at,feel free to email any comments to me

Klondyke Kennels
Sport and Kemmer bred treeing feist.

Pineridge kennels-Squirrel Dogs
KSBA & OMCBA registered Kemmer Curs and NKC registered Mountain Feist in Louisiana.

Mullins' IHS Kennels
Cur and Fiest Combination dogs.

Moss Point Kennels OMCBA & KSBA Kemmer Curs In La 1 review(s)
Here at Moss Point Kennels we expect alot out of of our dogs and will not settle for anything less.All of our breeding stock are tree dogs. Moss Point Kennels is home to Grand Night Champion Penick's Trouble .Son of Frederick's MTN Jake. We have puppies for sale at times and Gr Nt Ch Penick's Trouble is availiable for stud services. (318)377-

Gray's Mountain Feist
Mountain Feist Squirrel Dogs in Virginia.

Galla Creek Feist Squirrel Hunting Dogs and Puppies 1 review(s)
We raise and train Old Time Mountain Feists in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.

South Carolina Squirrel Hunters Association
Non profit organization with info on our hunts, dates of competitions, USDR World Hunt, pictures and results of past hunts.

Marc and Beth's Outdoor Adventures - Treeing Feist 2 review(s)
We hunt NKC and UKC registered Treeing (aka Mountain) Feist Squirrel Dogs.

Ridge Runner Mt. curs 1 review(s)
Home of some of the best mountain curs for coon and squirrel hunting!

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