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Philippine Websites!The Ring of Philippine Websites are websites created by Filipinos and non Filipinos who have sites about the Philippines. Meet a lot of talented Filipinos over the internet! Mabuhay to all the Filipinas! Photos courtesy The Colorful Philippines website, in this ring.

For example: Mabuhay! Forum - Mabuhay! Forum is a membership forum devoted to those that have an interest in traveling, living or retiring in the Philippines. Topics include what to see and do, places to visit and live, financial considerations, personal stories and questions, expert answers, and basic facts. Come join in our discussions!

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Mabuhay! Forum
Mabuhay! Forum is a membership forum devoted to those that have an interest in traveling, living or retiring in the Philippines.

Myra's Website
Info about me, pictures and links.

Bill & Maricar's Homepage
I'm from Mindanao and my husband is from Texas.

Dinah's Personal Page
Check out Dinah's pics from her wedding, vacation, and friends.

The Hunts
This is a website of a Filipino-American family.

My Scratch Pad
All about life and what I love the most.

Marizon Photo Gallery
Mabuhay and Welcome to My Personal Website.

USABaker's Philippine WEB Site 1 review(s)
The Philippines, History, Bohol and Our Family

Sabang Beach 2001 - The return of the drunken Octopus
The adventurous entrance to Mindanao, Single Adventure Tours 2000 - part five

Our selection of the finest floral arrangements in the country makes us one of the most sought after online florist in the Philippines.

philippine folkdance supplies, philippine myths and legends, philippine Barbie dolls, metal Jeepney replicas, Philippine History Books,

Trader Jerrys
The HOT site for Pinoy Entertainment.

Bagong Bayani
Nakatanggap ng award sa Japan at Philippines.

Home of a Mermaid-turned-into-Programmer
My trek from Manila to Pittsburgh.

Home of the Filipino Guardians
Guardians around the world goes home to this site - 3.

My homepage is dedicated to all my friends at ALAMAK and MABUHAY chat site.

Dave & Eirah homepage
A family homepage of filipina married to a british

the site is currently under construction but will contain a collection of favourite poetries, pictures of hard rock cafe pins and badges, jokes and outrageous ideas to think about!!!

Philippine Hearing Fund 2 review(s)
Do you, or someone you know, have a used hearing aid you don't need? If so, how about donating it? We are an non-for-profit organization bringing hearing to the underprivileged kids of the PI.

Steve Juanico's Valinor
A personal homepage with lots of Philippine government, political, and US government links.

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