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Dark Poetry WebRing

Topic: Genres > Horror
Dark Poetry WebRingThis ring is dedicated mostly to dark or gothic poetry and prose. Come have a look...if you aren't afraid.

For example: Alan Ireland - Introduction to my poetry.

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Alan Ireland
Introduction to my poetry.

Mr. Hunter's Wife
Mr Hunter's Wife, lost love,pain,sorrow,lonleyness,hearkbreak,sadness

Ligeia's Poetry
Stuff a major introvert writes when she's alone in her room.

Arius's poems and mad rablings
Just my little, humble home on the net where I'm allowed freedom of expression of inner darkness and angst

The Realm of August Wolfe
Enter the Ream of August Wolfe.

Rains Dark Perversions: Sanguine Mysterium

Raven's Dance
Feelings from within.

When Darkness Falls
Dark Poetry and thoughts based on the life of a normal yet potentially fascinating girl.

Shattered Reflections
This site is a haven for my loneliness where i feature the poetry.

Dream 41
A personal collection of original poetry and verse, of a dark nature

Elyse's Forsaken Sanctum
This page is of my poetry datiing from when I was 13 up until now.

Temple of the Goddess
The poetry portion of my site has poems by myself, some of my friends, and of course by my favorite poets.

My poems
this is my poetry

Black Dreams
I express my tortured soul through these writings and hope to instill others to do the same.

The Spectrum of Light
Just another site with my original poetry on it.

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abuse through poetry
My poetry blog designed to amuse, frighten, inspire or just use as a good excuse for me to whore out my work.

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