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APBAThis webring is for the APBA computer or board game users that have websites that they would like to be seen by others in the APBA World
For example: American Baseball League - Cincinnati's premier face-to-face baseball league since 1982!

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American Baseball League
Cincinnati's premier face-to-face baseball league since 1982!

Make Believe Baseball: Irrational League
The Irrational League is made up of fictional teams some of which are solely the product of my imagination and others of vhich are taken from literature.

The Road to Cooperstown Baseball League
The RTCBL is the original continuous ownership, career progression league utilizing the best players from baseball history (1876-200x).

1964 National League Baseball Replay
Can Gene Mauch and the Philadelphia Phillies capture the pennant that got away? Follow my BBW replay with weekly updated standings and leader stats.

Fly By Night APBA League
The FLY was established in 1977.

The Hilltop Highlander Home Page
The Highlanders currently play in two APBA-BBW leagues.

YABL, Yesterday APBA Baseball League
We are an APBA basic dice/board game league.

A site devoted to stat-based computer sports simulations, such as Baseball for Windows, Title Bout Championship Boxing, Second and Ten football and Stroke Saver Golf.

Bleacher Bums League 2 review(s)
A modern-era BBW league with 40-man continuous rosters.

Mike's Baseball for Windows Replay Page
A Baseball for Windows replay site currently detailing my replay of 1955

APBA Ice Gators Member of the BDMMHL
Team roster screen of the Fantasy BDMMHL Louisiana Ice Gators.

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North American Professional Baseball League.

CCABL Home Page 1 review(s)
CCABL is a current Day Modern League using full Aim, 24 Teams, and is in its 25th year!

League For All Seasons
An All-time player BBW League that started with using their debut seasons and progresses through their MLB careers one calendar year each L4AS season.

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