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The Adult Fan-Fiction Ring

Topic: Adult > Erotic Stories and Fantasies
The Adult Fan-Fiction RingRing homepage at www.marysia.com/adultfic A ring for fan-fiction stories containing particularily erotic or violent scenes. The fan-fiction can be about any book, film, comic or tv show, examples are Star Trek, X-Men, Labyrinth, Highlander, X-Files etc
For example: Power Plays Fan Fiction with a Kinky Edge - BDSM-themed slash and het fanfiction for Buffy, Angel, Star Trek, Hercules, and Xena.

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Power Plays Fan Fiction with a Kinky Edge 1 review(s)
BDSM-themed slash and het fanfiction for Buffy, Angel, Star Trek, Hercules, and Xena.

The Haven 1 review(s)
The Haven is an archive of romantic slash (and some het) fan fiction from various fandoms, including but not limited to X-Men, Pitch Black and Justice League.

Kelli Rei's Fan Fiction
My slash and non slash site has fiction from TV, Anime, Movies and some of my original works.

Merri-Todd's Het Page
Devoted to X-Files m/f fan fiction featuring Mulder/Scully, Scully/Skinner, and Mulder/Scully/Skinner stories.

Love is Simple 1 review(s)
This site hosts my Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction.

A small, but growing site of my fan fiction and original adult fiction.

The archive for the smutscape@topica.

The Usagi and Mamoru Fanfiction Archive: Hentai Section
Sailor Moon Hentai: The Hentai Section of the Usagi and Mamoru Fanfiction Archive.

Personal archive of Lamashtar's fanfiction.

Unconscious Mind - Alyse's Web Collective
Fanfiction featuring CI5: The New Professionals (CI5 Operational Control fanfiction archives featuring adult, slash and gen), Space: Above and Beyond (The Warchild Series - adult), Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (slash), Stargate SG1 (gen, adult and slash), Jurassic Park III (slash, Alan/Billy) and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (het, slash and gen%

Persuaders Archive 1 review(s)
The archive for fiction posted on the Persuaders list.

Invisible Planets: Jungle Kitty's Star Trek Fanfic
Over 100 stories (many of them award winners) set in the universe of Star Trek, the original series.

The Garden
Welcome to the Garden - aka my Star Trek Paris/Torres page - includes my currently small collection of P/T smut.

Except Temptation...
This is a slash fanfiction and original fiction site including fandoms of Smallville, BTVS, Angel, and XFiles, with Queer as Folk and other fandoms to follow.

Gedkesian Tales
If you're looking for a 2000 word description of grunting, go elsewhere.

Raietta's Nifty-Keen Site o' Stuff
The home of the Three R's -- Rebop, Revenant, and Raietta.

Pandora's Box
This fanfic archive contains a collection of our favourite het and slash romance stories, focusing on Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn.

Christine Indigo, Internet Pornographer
I write rarefic.

Equalizer Facts and Fic
A site for adult, hetero and slash, fan fiction from the TV series The Equalizer.

The Munch Cassidy slash archive
Contains fanfic about two of the characters from Law & Order : Speical Victums Unit.

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the chronicles of rosalyn
the ongoing saga of a woman named rosalyn, who embarks upon a person and sexual journey of discovery

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JaimeBlue's Kremlin
This is a site dedicated to JaimeBlue's fan fiction -- Xena/Hercules (focus on Joxer), with some Red Dwarf, seaQuest, and Jack Of All Trades thrown in for good measure

Discount SEX toys 4 HER!
Discount Sex Toys 4 HER is a large collection of Erotic Stories, discount sex toys, and free hardcore galleries.

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