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Best Rock, Gem, and Mineral SitesThis ring is a collection of the greatest rock, gem, and mineral sites on the Internet today. We have sites to aid the rock, gem, and mineral collector, sites offering rock, gem, and mineral artistic creations, or resources for rock, gem, and mineral equipment and supplies.
For example: Meteorites For Sale - Meteorites and Space Rocks For Sale, Meteorite Facts, Information and Identification, Meteorite Hunting, Impacts, Prices, Dealer.

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Meteorites For Sale
Meteorites and Space Rocks For Sale, Meteorite Facts, Information and Identification, Meteorite Hunting, Impacts, Prices, Dealer.

The RockPicks Project - Main 2 review(s)
This website is dedicated to enhancing the hobby of Rock Hounding by offering maps of various collecting locations around the United States.

Topgems collector and designer cabochons 1 review(s)
Paraiba medusa quartz, ocean jasper, mookaite, blue dot chrysocolla, marra mamba, tiger-eye, apache jasper and other cabochons gemstones for collectors and jewelry designers.

Yoga Jewelry: gold & silver pendants, necklaces, charms 1 review(s)
Buy direct from the designer: 14k gold and silver jewelry accessories inspired by daily yoga practice - handcrafted crafted pendants, necklace charms, pendant necklaces of yoga poses.

Rocs and Xtls Virtual Rock Mineral and Crystal Shop
Rocs and Xtls virtual rock crystals and mineral shop, High quality Rock Mineral Crystal specimens and gemstone jewellery from around the world, Quality minerals at affordable prices to suit all budgets from pocket money to museum pieces.

Books about Gems and Minerals
Site gives an extensive list of books about Gems, Minerals, Gemstones & Precious Stones, Gemology, and Collecting & Rockhounding, that are currently available (in print).

YupRocks.com - Mineral Pictures and Fossil Pictures! 1 review(s)
Hundreds of rock and mineral picures! We have beautiful specimens and also pictures of the basic rock types.

ROCKSHOP.CZ 1 review(s)
Mineralogical specimens from Russia,Czech republic,China,Myanmar and other worldwide deposits.

Distinctive Pet Collars with Semi-Precious Gemstones
Beautiful genuine leather pet collars with semi-precious gemstones in sizes extra small to large.

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high country gold
high country gold offers very high grade gold ore mineral display specimens.

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Land of Odds-Beads, Jewelry Supplies, Findings, Books
Land of Odds provides bead and jewelry making artists with virtually all their beads, supplies, books and jewelry findings needs, with over 25,000 products.

amber & opal & gemstones, polished & rough 1 review(s)
Amber,opal and other NATURAL gemstones: raw and finished pieces very ready to be made in to beads or center piece amulets/pendants.

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